Devonshire Arms, Bolton Abbey  – What can summarize Yorkshire any better than this charming 17th Century Hotel & Spa, whether you are looking to unwind for a weekend break in the rolling Yorkshire hills or just a quick visit for afternoon tea.

It came into the ownership of the 4th Duke of Devonshire in 1753 as part of the Bolton Abbey Estate and meeting the highest standards there is no room for error when carrying out maintenance at this prestigious hotel.

Every gas appliance is thoroughly checked and serviced annually and sometimes more to ensure safety and efficiency.

The gas fires located in various dining and drawings rooms are so ornate and surrounded by so much luxury there is no margin for error.

Bristol Street Motors – This large Vauxhall dealership close to the KRM Office were finding their parts department was not reaching optimum temparture so a visit was made from the KRM team to see what could be done.

Between us and the customer we decided to install a Combat Aerial Tubular Space Heater. As the team were used to their existing controlls this was not an issue at all and these were simply utilised and re-connected to the new heater to ensure no confusion occured with the different people controlling the heat.