In 2015 the UK Government set a target of 200,000 new homes to be built every year, this has taken some criticism from building firms, some saying that they are currently building about 130,000 homes a year so to grow to over 200,000, there needs to be a lot of housebuilders to increase their output. Most housebuilders are unable to do that because they are struggling to access capital for investment.

When speaking to The Telegraph Boss of Bovis Homes, David Ritchie has said “We are doing what we can, but the industry as a whole may not be able to grow as quickly as we are.”

But saying this, us Brits do love a challenge.

The Telegraph quoted that “The planning regime changes have been very positive” which will hopefully make it easier for new homes to built and with schemes like ‘help to buy’ the positive changes should have a great affect on coming anywhere near this figure.

KRM work with some reputable local builders installing the boilers, gas work, bathrooms and all plumbing requirements.

These can range from 1 Bed Apartments to 6 Bed Larger Developments