You wouldn’t go years without having your car serviced so why do the same with a boiler?

Servicing a boiler annually can help with the following;

  • Improves efficiency –

With the rising cost of fuel we need to be doing everything possible to keep our household costs down. The gas tests we do highlight how much gas is been used and if that is excessive, this may lead to a recommended boiler replacement but within a year or two you may have made the saving on your fuel bills

  • Highlights any potential problems –

Even though your boiler may seem to be running as good as it always has, parts do become worn after time and the old saying of ‘the prevention is cheaper than the cure’ certainly applies in this case. If one part starts to fail slightly it can put added pressure on other parts to counter, therefore it is more cost affective to monitor the wear and tear rather than

  • Validates your warranty –

When you have a boiler installed you are generally offered a warranty period, this can range from 12 months to 10 years, however this warranty is only validated with an annual service. If the manufacturer needs to be called out to your boiler for any reason then they may ask you for the service history, without this they may charge you for the visit and any parts that are required.

  • Safety –

It can’t be highlighted in the news enough but the threat of carbon monoxide is real, every home should have a CO alarm fitted but wouldn’t it be preferable for it to be checked before the carbon monoxide alarm went off?

The tests we do highlight anything untoward and stops any fault before it becomes a health issue to you or your family.

Prices exclusive of VAT:

Service 1st Gas Appliance – £75.00

Every appliance thereafter if serviced carried out the same time as the first  – £35.00 per appliance

Landlord Certificates – £35.00

*Please note that we can only issue Landlord Certificates with a service*