Solar Heating to heat your hot water for free

  • Solar water heating panels utilise solar energy during daylight hours and not just direct sunlight.
  • The panels are coated to collect as much free energy as possible even on the dullest of days. During the year you are likely to get 50-70% of your hot water provided by Solar.
  • If you are thinking of replacing your boiler, then a Worcester Greenstar High Efficiency boiler will be the perfect match. We are Worcester Accredited Installers offering a 7 year guarantee on Worcester products.
  • The Solar Green skies solar panels work alongside your heating system. A twin coil cylinder is required.
  • Panels can be installed on a sloping roof, flat roof or on a wall. Panels can be placed in a landscape or portrait position.
  • A full 5 Year guarantee and low maintenance are assured.
  • If you would like some advice or would like to book an appointment for our Solar specialist to advise you on your installation please contact us on 01535 637253